OS Design

Tmp Server

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Emacs Close Frame C-x 0



>rm -f

>rm -fr
Starting to shake

>rm -fr /
Point of no return

>rm -fr /tmp


Idea: Database File System
Next idea: create a language that uses logic patterns instead of statements!
Next idea: you tube channel that personifies inanimate objects
Next idea: a 7 pin connector for electric guitar so each string gets its own channel. You can use this for things like:
Next idea: a server application that reads the pixels and creates a set of objects to send to the client to regenerate the original image
Next idea: Create a gui protocol that can be run locally or remotely
Next idea: Create a generic settings protocol, like npc it will have libraries that will expose the settings
Next idea: Physics simulator that uses equations instead of floating point arithmetic
Next idea: Profiling Synthesizer (can analyze sounds and create a model to recreate the sounds)